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Water is the origin of Life. Providing clean and safe drinking water is the essence of Life Water. With a good water source to ensure the sustainability from generation to generation. With a sincere intention to ensure the endless supply.
Making Quality Beverages Affordable for Everyone.
Improving productivity with continuous innovation to archieve an effective and efficient business model for win-win success.
Co-creating value and sharing achievement with team while diligently contribute to the benefits and welfare of all mankind.

Recent News & Events

Borneon Run 2016

(Asia Times, 6. Nov 2016) Borneon Run 2016 16th October together with Tritonic as the official Isotonic drink#NotJustAnotherRun #BorneonRun2016 #tritonicdrink #k2lifewater#sasawater #2moredrinkFor more photos clickbit.ly/BorneonRun2016

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Rudy wins Siok Bah Carnival Strongman Contest

(The Borneo Post, 08 September 2016) Life Water Industries Sdn Bhd (K2) sponsoring Strongman Contest and Rudy emerged as the winner...

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Sandakan Merdeka Fun Ride is Back

(The Borneo Post, 08 September 2016) Life Water Industries Sdn Bhd (K2) sponsoring for YMM Sandakan on 02th September 2016 for Merdeka Fun...

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